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Providing a new ideology in 800 words

Disclaimer: This article may sound too big to the haters. ( In American high school terminology)


Pakistan is a country plagued by the diseases of poverty, corruption and conspiracies. People in Pakistan believe that improving their social/economic/financial/martial/spiritual status is as hard as improving the condition of their “third world country”. I dissent. Lets skip to the chase quickly. I believe in achievement of economic prosperity like South Korea, equality like United States and social harmony like China. We can improve relations with our neighbors simultaneously and provide for a better future for our future generation in a span of years rather than decades.  We as a nation have to sacrifice our today for a better future tomorrow in the words of our Quaid. This can only be achieved by a bloodless revolution to overhaul the mindset rather than the political and economic setup of our country.

We have to believe that being stuck between the oriental East and liberal West is not the only choice. We have to generate a separate identity and believe that we are a nation that has created a separate identity within the last 67 years of our existence. Until the time this is not achieved we will always be a nation of beggars, hypocrites and tyrants. Tyrants on the Baluch, South Punjabis and Sindhis. Beggars from nations that have self interest/international interest rather than our national interest in mind and hypocrites against one another. We have to learn that freedom exists only for the brave and literacy exists only for the broad minded.

Looking at our tremulous history : This country has gone through 4 wars and an ongoing war on terrorism. We have been sabotaged by a foregone ideology of a martial race. The world has moved forward and our decision makers have lagged behind. The current scenario developing after the US pullout of 2014 looks bleak in layman’s terms and catastrophic for the country in political language. Both our fronts will be vulnerable and we have to negotiate peace with both Afghanistan and India as well as improve our political terms with Iran rather than living in a past age of brotherhood harmony that has been so far declared as outdated and redundant in the broader sphere.

Getting back to the topic, Pakistan I believe has to provide uniform free education with the best possible facilities available to the upcoming generation. We have to utilize our manpower much more efficiently and systemically rather than the way we have been utilizing them under the feudalistic system in much of Pakhtunkhwa and rural areas of Sindh and Punjab. We have to develop cities with an infrastructure suitable for the 21st century and a rapidly bulgeoning and much more aware and frustrated population. All these ideas may sound like a dream or utopia to many in the political and  higher decision making circles of our country but with changing times the demand is of radical ideas rather than maintaining a status quo that has not adapted well with time. We have to ease the political-military differences in a way that are everlasting rather than temporary.

I will not touch upon sensitive matters such as interest free banking, gun laws, military budget, child marriage, land reforms , etc because they are beyond my grasp and current understanding. However I will touch on religious harmony and blasphemy laws. Blasphemy laws exist in every country. They need to be looked over with lego-religious experts with an international opinion aswell rather than being just asked for to be repealed. Nevertheless, one of the biggest or rather the biggest problem I believe facing our country nowadays is religious harmony and sectarian differences. We have become so shallow and narrow minded as to use religion to bring down people, target kill them or make factions that are more destructive to our nation rather than in the interest of our nation. In economics there is no room for religion. Religion is largely a personal matter and as Zia Regime tried to introduce the policy of “Chaddar and Chaar Diwari” ( Veil and four walls) I will always look for a policy where Veil and religion are inside four walls. I won’t recommend policies introduced by France or on the other spectrum Iran but I will recommend policies introduced by the other western world in this context only. Yes there is a difference ladies and gentlemen between French, British, American or even say Australian policies.

The new ideology I believe will come from the educated youth rather than moth eaten politicians and decision makers of the past. Imran Khan has been a hope but a lone warrior confronted by self interested cronies is not sufficient.A full scale mindset overhaul in the decision making circles is needed to counteract the designs of powers that are nefarious to our national interest.


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